Casual Warheads is a blog that would be focusing most on: anime, comics, manga, video games, movies, TV series, and some occasional thoughts and criticisms. The posts usually have a great deal of analysis rather than just plain and simple summaries. But, done in such a way that even casual readers would understand. It would be thorough but not is such a way that it would be over-analyzing.

So, you might be wondering, who is this Porkatsudon guy?

Porkatsudon, or usually, Katsudon is not my real name (surprise surprise). I’m more usually known as Chmon in the internet world, so it’s also not what I call myself in real life. My first name is quite long and sounds too cool and noble so I shortened it up.

Writing has been a long hobby of mine; from being in my school newspaper in high school, to being in a literary/creative writing organization in college, and to mostly and grudgingly writing our thesis documents in my final year in college. I wrote this blog first as a means to do some writing exercises, till I decided to actually write about the various geeky stuff that I usually do.

Feel free to ask me stuff! I like some good discussions and I usually reply to comments.


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