Anime Review: True Tears Made Me Cry Tears of Frustration

If I could cry for every screw-up the characters did, I’d be flooding my place right now.

I’ve been mostly appreciative of P.A. Works, this season I’m quite a fan of Uchouten Kazoku but I liked their other works, too. Another was a decent thriller/mystery anime (some say it’s horror, I say it’s more suspense); Angel Beats hold a special place in my heart (despite being an okay show) as the anime that made me watch anime again in college; and I have mixed feelings with Canaan and Hanasaku Iroha. I figured I’d watch another show from the studio because I’m a big fan of their animation. So, I took a shot with True Tears, since I would rather watch something new rather than continuing Red Data Girl which I dropped.

Why I chose True Tears, mostly because the Wikipedia synopsis looked interesting enough. Seriously, I may not look like it, but I’m quite gullible to romantic dramas, despite me hating it with all my soul. Plus, I thought that this might be a tearjerker anime so that’s another point there. When I checked the character designs, it got me sold.


It’s P.A. Works, of course the animation is top-notch. From background details to the general toning and texture of the landscape up to the crisp animation of every character movements. There really isn’t much to complain about though there are a few inconspicuous CGI animation here and there (and badly done making some background characters look like robots). If any of you haven’t seen Uchouten Kazoku or Another, then their background animation is more or less like this one (except the other two is a tad prettier of course).


No pantsu shot, thank the old gods and the new!

The soundtrack was also superb! A lot of the brunt of the OST are drama/tearjerker baits with soothing instrumentals of piano and violin. My pirate senses were already tingling the first few moments I heard the background music in between scenes. While I’m not that much of a fan of the OP, I like the ED well enough.  P.A. Works seems to have consistently good music with their works, so far I’m not disappointed.


If there is any saving grace for the characters of this series, it’s that they look well-designed. Somehow. More like, I have no complaints there. Every single one of them I’d want to slap in the face, probably except for Miyokichi and Noe to a certain extent. The rest have annoying personalities that stick out like a sore thumb. Especially the two main characters Shinichiro and Hiromi. Boy, do they deserve each other in their self-loathing and flip-floppity emotions. The most lovable would probably be Ai-chan, though she did do some douchey moves.

L-R: Shinichiro, Noe, Hiromi, Aiko, Miyokuchi, and my non-existent tears

So why do I dislike these characters so much? Well, let’s start with our MC, our typical average-looking guy who seems to be the object of all the romantic attention of any female with a kilometer radius. He’s also dense and oblivious MC #95867–though still leagues away from the Ichika Orimura Denseness and “Huh, what did you just say?” Award. But most of all, he is that typical over-zealous person who thinks meddling with people’s (read: Hiromi’s) affairs is gallant no matter the situation. He can’t read the air, and he mostly spends his time grumbling to his mother so that he can have that edgy teenage angst. He also does the cardinal sin of two-timing, dumping his girlfriend without a word, and still sticks to her with his needy affections. Seriously, man, what the hell is wrong with this guy’s boner?

Next is Hiromi, the girl that Shinichiro likes since childhood–which seems mutual since she likes him back. However, Hiromi had this twisted perception that she should ignore and give Shinichiro the cold shoulder ever since living in their house (after her parent died). Apparently, Shinichiro’s mother hinted that they may be siblings (though not true) which gave her the perfect excuse to max-out her self-loathing and teenage angst. Seriously, she ignores Shinichiro at their school while acting the goody-goody angel, gives him the cold shoulder on their home, but acts completely jealous and territorial whenever her beloved hooks up with a girl.

Instead of just saying to Shinichiro to stick by her, like what she really wants, she decides it’s a funny idea to say she doesn’t like Shinichiro at all, and that she likes this cool basketball captain–which happens to be Noe’s depraved siscon brother who agrees to date Hiromi because Shinichiro thought it was a good idea to make a deal like that (see, the people are all bonkers here).  Noe is this weird girl with a fetish for chickens and a childish perception that people can fly. Shinichiro dates Noe because he thinks he likes her because of some rooster that died or stuff, though he dumps her for Hiromi without even clarifying anything between the two girls.

Meanwhile, Ai-chan dates Miyokuchi, the MC’s BFF. Though as it happens, Ai-chan has the hots for Shinichiro and only dates Miyokuchi to get closer to him–which is the only thing I’ve ever hated about Aiko. If there is a best girl in this series, it would be Ai-chan, though I’d rather not see her with Shinichiro and his indecisive ways. Ai-chan is genuinely compassionate, fun to talk to, short and busty, not bonkers as Noe, and not bitchy like Hiromi. It was a good thing she ended up with Miokuchi since he is loyal but genuinely stupid–even if they did decided to restart their relationship, he still knows Ai-chan still have the hots for Shinichiro.

Also, when Shinichiro does dump Noe, Hiromi goes all ecstatic and crazy as if she won the lottery. Going as far as saying as she is the girlfriend even if Shinichiro hasn’t officially broken up with Noe and Shinichiro hasn’t officially gone out with her. When Shinichiro does ask her out, she refuses him three times before crying. Drama and craziness folks. Drama and craziness.

“Oh god, please make the craziness stop!”


If you’ve read the characters section, that’s basically the plot. It’s Shinichiro and Hiromi coming to terms that they actually like each other. Despite both being oblivious about it but also being obvious with their actions. There was a side-plot about Raigomaru, that rooster of Noe’s that died and Shinichiro doing a picture book about it. Then there was this whole Shinichiro and Hiromi are sibling but are actually not affair. All in all, it’s a typical high school drama. Shinichiro and Noe’s dating arc was short and didn’t give much depth to both of them. The ending seemed rushed out and seemed to have settled things a little to easily. If I have to rate the plot, it would be average bordering on above-average–so basically not-so-above-average.

I liked the plot in a way, like I said a while ago I’m a sucker when it comes to romantic drama. However, too much of the characters were quite annoying in their own way which kinda ruined it for me.


After watching the show


I’d say, avoid it if you have seen countless romantic dramas. It doesn’t really make you feel sympathy to any character. I’m tear-up easily on really heartfelt shows, so this goes to show how much this series is weak in terms of its emotions. The characters wreck themselves and the story too much that it becomes a drag. So, yeah, better stick it up with some of the better works of P.A. Works–like Uchouten Kazoku!



3 thoughts on “Anime Review: True Tears Made Me Cry Tears of Frustration

  1. Sometimes I think the fact that the show is limited by being a TV show really constrains the narrative. Shinchiro and Hiromi clearly love each other, but they think they are siblings! Shinchiro comes off as indecisive but the situation pretty much forces him to give up on Hiromi. Hiromi comes across negatively but she’s been in a tense living situation for YEARS and suffering from mental abuse and pressure. Shinchiro has genuine feelings for Noe, and honestly has trouble figuring out his own feelings by the end. We have to consider some of these events might have been spaced out more if this wasn’t a TV SHOW. So, I would tend to be more charitable towards the writing. My only complaint was that Shinchiro didn’t break things off with Noe sooner, but Noe was kind of avoiding him for a while because she could see the writing on the wall.

    Honestly, I often see people mad a romantic drama because the leads aren’t 100% pristine. I guess there’s got to be a 1 or 2 people out there that have the right to be self-righteous because of their impeccable moral fiber, but even if you’re perfect, why call out others? I think high schoolers are pretty messed up and insecure, so this is realistic in that regard. People do crazy things for love. I for one appreciated this anime, despite some problems with pacing and dialogue.

  2. Hiromi says she doesnt like him, when she knows hes possibly her brother. They dont actually tell u if she had any feelings towards #6, I think she admired him for his basketball…

  3. Omg I So Totally Agree ! Hiromi starts having a bitchy attitude towards Noe Because Shin chiro likes her instead of Noe . But they haven’t even Gone out yet ! And when he did ask her , She Rejected Him ! This is why I hate Hiromi . I also hate Shin chiro too ! Just like you said , He was two timing and Never even clarified to Noe about what happened . WHY HAS IT GOTS TP BE LIKE THIS ?!

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