Rereading A Webcomic Named Order of the Stick

I remember reading Order of the Stick way back in my freshman year in high school. I didn’t know how I ended up in the site but I sure loved the comic! Continue reading


It’s Been A Bumpy Week

I haven’t been able to get some post recently because I’ve been very very busy with real life. Ugh. Mostly it’s job hunting stuff, so I have to commute a lot (I think I should mention how our city has dreadful traffic and sucky public transportation), answer a lot of qualifying exams, and do some job interviews. There’s so much I want to write about, actually. Unfortunately, the moment I get home my mind is too swamped and tired to write. Plus, I have to clean my place up and cook my own meals…so yeah, chores. Double ugh. I do get some free time, but most of the time, I spend it reading a book (right now A Song of Fire and Ice) and watching the anime this season to clear my head.

Anyway, I’ll be mostly free tomorrow and the following weekend so I think I’d be putting up some posts. For now, I think I need to rest.

I Like Comics, Though Not Necessarily Marvel/DC

“You read comics? Cool! Do you know that guy who fought Superman with a flying sundae cone and unicorns? He’s the most awesome villain ever, right?!”

Whenever people get to know that I read comics, I’m more often than not asked with, “Marvel or DC?“. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not that I particularly hate Marvel or DC. In fact, when comics are brought up, it’s almost the first two things that can be associated with it. It’s almost a given fact that most of the time, when people say comics, it means superhero comics.

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Superbrothers: Sword and Sworcery EP is Eargasmic!

I was reading A Song of Fire and Ice in my tablet and I figured that I should rest a little. I was blitzing through the book that my mind overloaded. While tinkering with the tablet, I saw my Superbrothers: Sword and Sworcery app and thought that maybe I should check this out a little. I got it days ago when it went for free and just downloaded it in a spur of the moment.

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Anime Summer 2013 First Impressions

Though I did put a list of the anime I’m going to watch for this season (check it here), I still watched some of the anime that were not included in the list. Some animes can only be fully enjoyed or appreciated by watching an episode or two, so I always take a look and see if I might find something that can pique my interests.

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Studio Spotlight: My Top 5 Ghibli Films

This one here is Totoro

Alright, this is the second part of my Studio Spotlight where I rank my top 5 films from a particular studio. Like I said from my previous post, I’m going to feature Studio Ghibli. This studio is another one of my favorites and I mostly stumbled on its movies because of my aunt who lent me a DVD (or was it VCD, I don’t know) of some Ghibli films. I have to say it was love at first sight for me.

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I Drew A Platter of Fruits (And It Was Bad)


Today, I was supposed to write about my top 5 films for Studio Ghibli, but I got sidetracked because I had to help my little sister with this project. The last time I held a paintbrush was back in high school and I’m not really the greatest painter out there. It took me a few hours for this, mostly experimenting with the acrylic paint since my sister gave me only the primary colors plus black and white. Creating the particular color that I needed was more time-consuming than the sketching the drawing itself. Speaking of that, a lot of the details were lost, and it was way better when it was a pencil sketch.  Which is kinda sad.

Anyway, I’d be resuming my posts tomorrow. It’s been so long since I painted that it exhausted me mentally and physically.

Studio Spotlight: My Top 5 Pixar Films

Studio Spotlight is where I check out a particular studio’s movies and show my top 5 favorite among them. For this particular series, I would be spotlighting two studios I’m quite fond of which is Pixar Studios and Studio Ghibli.

Today the spotlight goes to Pixar, one of the most well-known animation studios out there. Pixar is somewhat close to my childhood (and adulthood) and like many kids, grew up following almost all of the  films.

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Movie Dump: A Review of Norwegian Wood

Nope, not the song of the same name by the Beatles, but it is somewhat recurring in the movie. Norwegian Wood is based on the Japanese novel by Haruki Murakami, and is by far, one of my most favorite. I watched this a year ago, but with a horrible audio, video, and subtitle quality (seriously the subtitles disappear in some scenes and the grammar is horrendous). I got a better copy, so I decided to watch it again.

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