Overview of the Summer 2013 Anime Roster

My excitement level for next season

After the previous Anime Roundup for Spring 2013, I think it’s high time to look forward to some of the shows for Summer 2013. Though personally, I feel like there isn’t that much to look forward to next season’s roster.

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Movie Dump: Oz the Great and Powerful

Oz is one lucky guy. He got all the…witches.

Okay, I didn’t really mean to watch Oz since I was just finishing a lot of anime in my pull list (thank the gods that Oregairu, Hataraku, and Valvrave just finished). Anyway, I wanted to take a break and what better way to do it than to watch something that’s been sitting in my computer for weeks.

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Anime Roundup: Spring 2013 The Wildcards

Hello hello! This is the final part of Anime Roundup: Spring 2013. Parts 1 and 2 discussed the shows that were kind of a let down and those that were consistently good, respectively. The final part is The Wildcards! Basically, shows that were actually quite enjoyable despite very evident flaws or those without considerable hype.

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Anime Roundup: Spring 2013 The Consistently Good

Second part of my review for the Spring 2013 anime roster. The previous post discussed the show that didn’t quite meet expectations. Today, I’ll show the shows that met expectations and were quite consistent in quality throughout the season.

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Anime Roundup: Spring 2013 The Letdowns

This is Anime Roundup! Here I summarize the Spring 2013 anime roster, what was disappointing, what was consistently good, and what was surprisingly enjoying. Most are nearing their end, others have ended–but if you haven’t watch a single one from this season, then read along to find out which is worth the watch! This review would be in three parts: mainly The Letdowns, The Consistently Good, and The Wildcards.

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Movie Dump: A Review of World War Z

Hi! I’m back! It’s been a long time since I last blogged–I was kinda busy on a lot of stuff the past couple of months with my thesis, graduation, bumming around, and job hunting. Anyway, enough about that! Today, I review World War Z, starring Brad Pitt and loosely based on Max Brooks’ novel. There might be minor spoilers ahead, so do watch out.

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