The Venture Bros. First Season Impressions

The Venture Bros. is a series I’ve been meaning to watch for a long time now.  However, it kept being pushed away because (1) it’s freaking long with already five seasons under its belt and (2) I still have a huge list of anime I have yet to watch. However, since I finished a few series I had in my hard drive (Hagure Yuusha, Maken-Ki, and Moyashimon), I figured I should watch the first season of The Venture Bros. along with Disney’s Gravity Falls. I must say, I got really hooked with both! Though today, I’d be mostly talking about The Venture Bros.

The Venture Bros. is something reminiscent of the old cartoons I used to watch. Especially, the scientist-adventurers that populated most of the old toons–it closely resembles Jonny Quest (Race even had a cameo) except with a more adult and dark humor. The show also highlights the high dangers and idiocy of the whole scientist-adventurer setup. Especially with a large cast of revolving villains (more like pseudo-villlains as they aren’t really that keen on doing villainy) and supporting cast.

I particularly like the main villain of the series, Dr. Monarch, and his assistant/girlfriend, Dr. Girlfriend! Aside from being hilariously wimpy, there is also a certain depth to the guy behind all the stupid antics. And of course, the one that takes the spotlight is the incredibly hot Dr. Girlfriend, a smart and loyal woman with a funny baritone voice. There are still a whole lot of villains, but nothing beats the duo and Monarch’s self-aware henchmen who despite of said awareness, still becomes cannon fodder.

But enough about the villains, the star of the show is the Venture family! With the twins Dean and Hank, scientist Dr. Venture, and murderous bodyguard Brock Samson. While Dr. Venture can appear to be this uncaring, subpar, and douchey person, he actually has more history going on with him. He is the son of a more famous scientist adventurer pioneer Dr. Jonas Venture, who mostly overshadows him and experienced quite the traumatic and psychological experience as a child. While he does have a haphazard way of parenting his kids, there are hints that he may care for them.


Meanwhile, Hank and Dean, are the comedic and idiotic twins. While they are mostly there for their comedic relief, I’m still not that sold to the idiocy part. I’ve been mostly used to strong protagonists with defined characteristics. While Dean is mostly the smart one, and Hank is more of the athletic type, both seems to be more prominently idiots. Which makes them somewhat bland character-wise. Probably the star of the show for me is Brock Samson. With all his murder face and cool and composed attitude. He is also mostly the source of all the actions going around the show with all his Rambo-style murder using a knife. Also, he shows more care for the Venture twins than their own father. Though if there is a deeper meaning than this, I have yet to find out.

The supporting cast is also quite hilarious to a point, from Dr. Orpheus (totally had a villain vibe from him, I was wrong), the Impossibles (which is a parody of the Fantastic Four), albino Pete White, self-proclaimed boy genius who is not a boy but just short Master Billy Quizboy, and Triana Orpheus (who is Dean’s love interest). I just love how most of the supporting cast actually balances out the villains, something that is quite more of a relief than the usual heroes versus a whole rogue gallery.

Overall, The Venture Bros. is actually worth watching. It’s humor is pretty mature, though lightly played. Like I said, it pretty much plays on the flaws of the science adventuring thing. As well as the various tropes of the archnemesis, villainy thing. It’s also great that it hints and builds a larger plot rather than being mere episodic adventures. Going to Season 2 in a bit when I get the time!

*My writing has been sporadic since I’ve recently started work yesterday. So I’m still adjusting to the whole commuting and traffic along with doing housekeeping. So yeah, I’m still trying! That’s why pardon my grammar and spelling for a while.






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