Beware the Batman: A Batman In A Desolate Gotham

If any of you haven’t heard, there’s a new Batman animated TV series currently showing. While this doesn’t surprise no one, since it became somewhat of a habit of milking the good ol’ Batman franchise, from video games, comics, and live-action film (reboot and recast recently with Ben Affleck just a few years removed from a successful trilogy, anyone?). So an animated TV series isn’t anything new, but this new iteration does put new tricks on the table.

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Do We Need A Justice League Movie?

With the release of Man of Steel, most people found it inevitable…Justice League is the goal for the DCU (DC Cinematic Universe). When the Avengers was shown in the big screen, it showed that a superhero team is indeed possible to be a blockbuster hit. Now, its counterpart, the Justice League, is still leagues away from being adapted. But, do we need a Justice League Movie?

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