Blog, I Have Returned!

I kinda neglected my blog (again) for a whole month. Though not as worse as before when I didn’t touch this for my whole summer vacation. Still…

Anyway, aside from being lazy in terms of writing, I was quite busy with real life stuff! I had to go job hunting and thankfully landed one, which was unfortunately met with a lot of requirements that I had to take care of. Meanwhile, I’ve been busy watching the shows I’ve missed and reading the A Song of Ice and Fire series (which took a huge amount of time) and I’m still at book three. *sighs*

I also had some recent travels and was busy writing a novel I’ve been trying hard to get past the first chapter. I never got the groove to writing the blog till my head was clear from the job hunting part, as I’m too attached to my other hobbies to sacrifice the time allocated for it. But, I secured a job so I guess that’s okay, right? Well, I’m starting next week. *double sigh*

However, I decided to be more committed to blogging. A lot of my other stuff I can’t mostly do at leisure, like travelling for example. Since I’ll be mostly staring at a computer in my job and in my free time, I figured that blogging should be part of my common roster of activities. It’s also a breather from my more literary-driven writings, and might probably get my head in the game in to writing my novel again or a few short stories here and there.

So, with that, I welcome myself again to this blog! I’ve got a lot of material to write about this time, aside from reading some books, I watched a lot of TV shows (mostly anime and cartoons) recently. Haven’t been catching up on my regular comic pull, but I guess I can, once I start getting my salary. Heh. With that, expect a post some time later or tomorrow!



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