Anime Shorts That Are Worth Watching

When it comes to anime shorts, it’s usually under-appreciated because of its…well, short nature. Here, I give a list of anime shorts that needs more lovin’.

 Most people think that anime shorts are episodic comedy skits with no plot at all. While some are actually like that, there are still shorts that can give a good dose of giggles. There are also that does have a plot even if they run shorter than the usual 20+ minutes.

1) Senyuu

Making popcorn does horrible things…like summoning demons

Run time (with OP and ED): around 4-5 minutes 

Senyuu is the perfect example of a gag comedy that has a ridiculously funny premise and plot to follow. Years ago, the demon lord Rchimedes invaded the human world, luckily the hero Creation was there to save the world. At the present time, a hole opened in the human world and the demons invaded again. It was now up to the hero’s descendants to take up arms against the demons. Unfortunately, because hundreds of years have passed the actual descendants were indistinguishable so the king just grabbed a lot of random people and made the heroes in charge of saving the world. Hilarity ensues when they find out that the new demon lord is a 10-year old girl who accidentally summoned the demons because she made popcorn from a demon summoning pot.

The show follows the adventure of Hero #42 (or was it 45) Alba a down-to-earth guy whose only good at making retorts at the ridiculous hijinks happening around him; Royal Soldier Ros, who is Alba’s sadistic Cloud-lookalike companion that enjoys making fun of people; and Rchi-tan, the absolutely innocent 10-year old demon lord.

The series breaks the fourth wall a lot of times, has fast-paced plot progression complete with clever jokes, and the occasional random animation-style shift reminiscent of Shaft works. It also makes fun of the fantasy RPG genre and does a clever way of actually providing those doses of humor in a short amount of time.   If you got around 4 minutes to spare, then this one is great for comedic gold.

2) Plastic Nee-san

My various facial expressions watching this show

Run time (with OP and ED): around 4-5 minutes

Like Senyuu, Plastic Nee-san is a gag-type comedy, but is more episodic. There are no plots or whatsoever and it’s usually contained in a single episode. The characters are actually quite hilarious, it’s like K-ON on drugs while trying its hardest to be cute. The premise is basically an all-girls club that creates plastic models, its members being Nee-san, Okappa, and Makimaki. Nee-san is this egotistical chibi who has the habit of talking arrogantly despite her cutesy look. Okappa meanwhile is the yandere (yey!). While Makimaki looks normal and average, but has the habit of kissing her arms.

There are a lot of cute characters including some loli twins forced by a certain Cindy-san to make mochi, a fat girl who thinks she’s the most beautiful person, and Kurikiri, the macho baseball players who wears a bra underneath his shirt. Surprisingly, it is not about making plastic models, and usually focuses on their various and exaggerated antics. The humorous parts usually involves Okappa and Nee-san abusing each other.

3) Thermae Romae

Baths are serious business

Run time (with OP and ED): around 13 minutes

Thermae Romae is something that takes time getting used to, mainly because of the animation style. Unlike Senyuu, or Plastic Nee-san where characters are always moving from one scene to the next, this one is more static (okay, I don’t know the term best to describe it). They don’t move a lot and are like paper characters, except they have beautiful character designs and expressions.

But it also has some of the more interesting premises. Set in Ancient Rome, a Roman bath architect named Lucius is having trouble innovating in his particular field. This all changes when he gets the opportunity to mysteriously and randomly go to our modern world and witness Japan’s innovations in the baths. Lucius then tries to bring these innovations with him, sometimes replicating a shower cap using a leather hat, or a shower using cow’s intestines. It’s not over-the-top hilarious, but it’s funny to see his reactions once witnessing the modern items. From fruit milk drinks, to shampoo, and personal bathtubs.

It’s worth a watch and it also has live-action adaptation, too!

4) Yondemasu yo Azazel-san

Wait till you see their original non-chibi demon form

Run time (with OP and ED): around 12 minutes

Azazel-san is pure unadulterated pervy gory fun. It is about a detective agency that summons demons to their bidding. While it’s humor is not for everyone (especially for kids), it also provides some sort of social commentaries in our modern society. From cheating husbands to stalkers, their customers provide them a look into the disgusting nature of humans and how the demons purposely try to uncover this–either by purposely screwing them or accidentally doing it.

It’s fun to see Rinko be the butt of all the jokes, no matter how the demons abuse her and tell pervy stuff, it’s funny how they also fear her for her growing sadistic streak. The characters are also crazy and idiotic, from the poop-eating Beelzebub to the unattractive single and spiteful Undine (her mother is a dead whale or something and her father is this small parasite on her mother). Meanwhile, the angels all look like hobos or severely unattractive, a departure from their usual serene and goody-goody looks.

5) Hen Zemi

Wish my college had this seminar

Run time (with OP and ED): around 12 minutes

Hen Zemi is definitely not for kids and is an anime oriented mostly for adults. Don’t let the cute drawing fool you, Hen Zemi explores a lot of sexual fetishes from the weird stuff even to the most mundane. Our heroine, Matsutaka, enrolls in the Abmormal Physiology Seminar, which researches the various reactions of humans from mostly mundane situation that happens to always end up having sexual connotations. While she tries to keep her sanity intact, she eventually gets influenced by the pervy weirdness of the whole seminar.

The characters are also quite interesting on their own, from a guy with an NTR fetish to a nymphomaniac with bondage fetishes. The show follows different situations per episode, but keeps an ongoing yet rather detached story. This anime goes to prove that anything in this world can be turned to any fetish.

6) Teekyuu

This show is an all-girls tennis club on drugs

Run time (with OP and ED): around 4-5 minutes

If I have to summarize this shows, it’s Plastic Nee-san with caffeine overdose. This show is fast and trippy with quick wits and retorts–though it’s quite a hit and miss in the humor department. However, if you do get the flow of its pacing and need a quick-fix, it’s worth the watch. It’s mostly episodic and no plot whatsoever but it does have one of the best subtle humor ever with its last episode. Seriously, you can breeze through the other episodes, but nothing beats the surprise of the final one.

7) Aiura

I’ll let the opening speak for the show (it’s actually a relaxing anime).

Think Crabbing. 


6 thoughts on “Anime Shorts That Are Worth Watching

    • Well, I watched Time of Eve as a full-length movie, so I counted it as a movie (though I know it used to be a six-episode OVA). FLCL is great and all, but those new to anime would be seriously confused about it.

      Besides, Time of Eve and FLCL are already mainstream-ish and are quite popular.

  1. Yay~ Senyu is on here! I’ve heard of some of the other series, but haven’t watched any of them other than Senyu. Though I’ve seen some clips of Azael-san (seems pretty funny) and Hen Zemi (that show scares me just based on what I’ve seen of it…). Muromi-san is another enjoyable short series, it ended a few weeks ago, it was pretty funny and suprisingly well animted.

    • I just wished they made Senyuu bi-weekly or something, once per week is suffering. T_T Muromi-san is next on my watch list, along with REC! I’ve been recently watching shorts since they are easier to download and I could mostly watch a few with my busy schedule.

      • Heard of White Album, I want to watch it, but it is a harem so…I’m thinking about it. Probably going to watch it after I finish my Gundam Seed run. 😀

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