Do We Need A Justice League Movie?

With the release of Man of Steel, most people found it inevitable…Justice League is the goal for the DCU (DC Cinematic Universe). When the Avengers was shown in the big screen, it showed that a superhero team is indeed possible to be a blockbuster hit. Now, its counterpart, the Justice League, is still leagues away from being adapted. But, do we need a Justice League Movie?

The problem with Justice League is that its roster aren’t just run-of-the-mill superheroes. These guys have godlike abilities which makes you question what kind of threat would actually need their combined abilities. Just look at Man of Steel, Superman handled an alien threat on his own. Green Lantern (what Green Lantern movie?), defeated a cosmic threat on his own. Simply put, to have a convincing enemy, it must equal or be greater than the sum of the enemy’s power level (not necessarily just strength) of both movies. Now, that’s just two of them, add more members to the mix, and we get a super OP team.

But, I repeat, do we need a Justice League Movie? Well, my answer is not yet. Most people want a Justice League movie just for the sake of countering Marvel or to you know, to cash-in on that Marvel formula for success. But for that to happen, Warner Bros. first needs to find their own formula for the DC superheroes to work. They can’t use the Marvel formula, not only would they get the inevitable status as being copycats, but it wouldn’t just work because of the nature of DC’s superheroes.

Warner Bros. must establish their superheroes that is not anyone named Batman. It’s more to prove themselves that they can achieve the same success as Avengers did without actually going the same path as they did.

However, there is still a particular novelty seeing two superheroes cross paths with each other. There is a way where we could capitalize on superhero crossovers without actually having to do a Justice League movie…ladies and gentlemen, I propose World’s Finest.

What better way to do a cinematic crossover than to capitalize on two of DC’s most famous characters? Not only would it be easier since the power levels of both wouldn’t be on ridiculous amounts, but there’s also quite a dynamic and trust between the two. Superman and Batman are the cream and coffee of DC. Also, by handling Superman and Batman only, it gives the time to develop the relationship of the two–something that cannot be done when Justice League is immediately done. By doing the team-route, they are handling a lot of personalities, meaning less time to develop each of the individuals. Avengers pulled it off since it was only the dynamics of Captain America, Iron Man, and Thor that needed addressing–Hawkeye was busy being too useless, Banner had a moment with Stark but wasn’t really explored that much, and Black Widow is basically a cheesecake. Heck, the tension between CA and Iron Man worked because they were not that totally friends. Batman and Superman’s friendship requires more development than that.

So how would World’s Finest work? Remember, Superman isn’t the smartest guy in the block, he could be above-average smart, but not really that of a strategist and tactician. If faced with an intelligent opponent, one that relies on subversion and deceit, but is equally destructive, then it is most logical that you must find an ally with an intellectual prowess to help. That’s where Batman comes in.

The only problem in adapting it to a movie is Batman. Nolan made the Batman trilogy as a standalone, and has repeatedly said that his particular story is over. So finding a Batman to fit with Snyder’s Superman is something that must be addressed. After that is done, the most logical thing to do next is a Wonder Woman movie, then do Trinity.

This might not be a Justice League movie, but Trinity would give Avengers a run for its money–provided that it gets decent people doing its story. This one is now capitalizing on three of DC’s most well-known and iconic characters. They don’t necessarily have to follow the Trinity story line, but the core idea is the important thing. That is, all three of them working together to solve a threat, all the while reconciling their differing philosophies. The enemy does not necessarily have to be someone cosmic super strong. The conflict between the characters and their characterization is the more important thing–it’s what made the Trinity run great. Just put a convincing enemy, and let the three’s own conflicts propel the problem. It could be Wonder Woman wanting to do it one-way, Superman screwing up, or Batman being Batman. Anything goes with this, and there is nothing more geekgasmic than watching all three of them on one movie.

Once Trinity is established, I think that’s the time that Warner Bros. should consider a Justice League movie. Though that shouldn’t stop them from releasing movies of Flash and Aquaman (please do both of this, puh-lease!) between World’s Finest and Trinity. Heck, Martian Manhunter shouldn’t even need a movie and can be introduced in the Justice League.

If all of them couldn’t co-exist in the same universe, there could always be the multiple universe thing–though it might get confusing. You could get the story of Batman or Martian Manhunter gathering various superheroes from the different universes to form the Justice League, in combating a villain that threatens the fabric of the universe. Crisis, everybody!

Anyway, that’s just my two cents for this persistent issue. Again, I’m not saying Warner Bros. does not need a Justice League movie, I’m saying it doesn’t need to rush into it immediately.


*How about you? Do you think Justice League must be the top-priority for Warner Bros.?


2 thoughts on “Do We Need A Justice League Movie?

  1. I’ve been saying this for years! Wasn’t a Batman/Superman movie going to be a thing way back in the days of Christopher Reeve and Michael Keaton? Why rush to Justice League when teaming up just those two guys could potentially make a kajillion bajillion dollars as it is? There are plenty of great stories to adapt; the President Luthor bit or the Emperor Joker even. I will give DC money for this!

    • I think what Warner Bros. must understand is that more superheroes =/= to more dollars. Avengers had to be a superhero team just to reach the billion dollar mark, but the Dark Knight, as well as, Rises was able to accomplish that without being a superhero team. Considering that Man of Steel is already doing well, it would just mean that both the Batman and Superman franchises are crowd-drawers. World’s Finest would definitely make lots of money.

      I think Joker as the antagonist would be far-off, but a President Luthor adaptation looks promising and convincing!

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