Overview of the Summer 2013 Anime Roster

My excitement level for next season

After the previous Anime Roundup for Spring 2013, I think it’s high time to look forward to some of the shows for Summer 2013. Though personally, I feel like there isn’t that much to look forward to next season’s roster.

View the Summer 2013 roster here: http://anichart.net/summer

It would be great to look it up, too. Anyway, I’ll discuss my must-watch shows and my tentative list. It would be short and not that in-depth since there isn’t much information about the shows themselves yet. Like I said, looking at the next season’s roster, there isn’t really that much to be all hyped about. Last season, I had Shingeki, Aku no Hana, Oreimo, Suisei, Oregairu, and Date a Live, as some of my most hyped up anime. This time around, I only have the Monogatari series and The World God Only Knows for the next season. So, I’ll be mostly looking up at the premise, the animation quality, and the production studio to judge what gets watched, and what doesn’t.


1) Monogatari Series: Second Season

I’ll get this over with since it’s obviously the biggest name next season. Shaft has a solid track record for this series, and the animation is amazing and unique to boot. The series has a strong following, and most of it is because of its unique animation style and its cast of characters. Needless to say, if you’ve been a strong follower of Bake, Nise, and Neko, expectations for this are seriously high.

Plot-wise, I’m not really that head-over-heels, and I didn’t particularly like Nise. The dialogue driven plot and its usually dragging pacing is sometimes wearing off on me. I can only stomach the show because I have already invested my time on the previous three shows, and that I’m a big fan of the animation. The series can get pretentious at most times, and the fanservice is getting more and more ridiculous by the minute.

But I do know that the plot would really start picking up by this season, especially since it would adapt Neko: Shiro, Kabuki, Hana, Otori, Oni, and Koi–and almost all of these have really intriguing and surprising storylines (I wouldn’t spoil but it would involve Nadeko, Hachikuji, and more Shinobu). Hopefully, the adaptation would be better and the pacing issues are fixed.

2) The World God Only Knows: Goddess Arc

The third season for the series, the Goddess Arc was one of the best arc when I read the manga. However, it’s also surprising since there are a lot material in between where season 2 left off, and the actual Goddess Arc itself. This might imply that there would be a lot of it cut-out to focus in this particular arc. Animation-wise, Manglobe does a great job of it, but I still don’t like how they treat most of their adaptations. This is particularly evident in Hayate the Combat Butler where a lot of material is cut off. Hopefully, they do treat it properly and avoid much of the dreaded cutting.

3) Blood Lad

Blood Lad is done by the same studio that did Oregairu, Ixion Saga DT, Tonari no Kaibutsu-kun, Mawaru Penguindrum, Durarara, and Baccano!–all of which are quite solid shows so Brain’s Base has quite the good track record when it comes to their shows. Problem I have with this studio is they can be quite sloppy with the animation sometimes. Oregairu suffered a lot from this, as the show was chock-full of horrible animation in some scenes. Worse, Brain’s Base seldom fixes those animation issues in their Blu-ray releases, which means it’s usually stuck the way it is.

The premise of the show, on the other hand, looks interesting, despite having vampires (it’s really getting tiring actually). Basically, the main character is this vampire that is very interested in Japanese culture. He meets a Japanese girl, which unfortunately ends up dead. He vows to find out the cause of her death and eventually bring her back to life, who is now a wandering ghost. It’s not really a tragic anime–actually, it’s a comedy and hopefully it does get to have decent humor. I’ll be trusting Brain’s Base for how they handle the story, and I’ll give up having high expectations for their animation.

4) Servant X Service

A story about a bunch of working young adults in the health and welfare sector, Servant X Service is somewhat a breath of fresh air. It’s almost tiring to always see high school students season-in and season-out so actually having a show about working adults is a complete change of pace. This is basically slice-of-life, and I’m not usually a fan of it, but its character demographic is a drawing point. I also feel that I might actually quite sympathize with this since I’m now neither a university student nor a high school student. Being fresh out of university, it would be nice to see an anime about the working class.

A-1 Pictures is the one handling this show, so I could expect good animation from it. However, considering the recent quality of their stories, this might also go down as mediocre at best. Hopefully, it doesn’t have too much of pointless drama. Also, I hope that the show have an actual mature perspective with it, that includes interactions or the humor, in case it does have comedic aspects.

Other shows that are a must watch:

*Senyuu 2 – a continuation of the animated short, following Hero Alba and Royal Guard Ros, with the 10-year old Demon Princess who accidentally released all the demons to Earth because of popcorns.

*Teekyuu 2 – another animated short, a fast-paced trippy comedy about an all-girls Tennis club

*High School DxD New – Only because I watched the first season, and I need my token fanservice show with nonsensical plot to offset things up


1) Gatchaman Crowds

I might watch this show because of its popular name, which is the bird-themed superhero group, Gatchaman. However, I have mixed feeling about this since Gatchaman Crowds is obviously moefied. Still, there is a higher chance of watching this since I somewhat like the premise. The characters are basically super-powered individuals with reinforced suits called NOTE, fighting some kind of mysterious entity called MESS, which I have no idea what that is. It’s still a quite over-used idea and I don’t know how they are going to re-invent it, but I’m a sucker for sci-fi bait such as this. Gatchaman Crowds is a separate entity from the original Gatchaman run, so no need to watch something that aired so long ago. I’m not familiar with the animation studio so that’s another thing I’m quite hesitant about.

2) Danganropa: The Animation

Another one of those, high school students killed or be killed setup, Danganropa is using an over-used plot setup. I’m recently reading the comic, Morning Glories, which has the same setup so my hesitations stems from the fact that there’s really nothing that much new in the particular genre. Danganropa does spice thing up, however, with the concept of killing, but to win you have to get away with the murder. If your identity as the killer is found out, you die. However, if no one finds out, you get to graduate. It’s a twist I’m very keen on accepting, which may instill on it some crime drama elements. A lot of characters may die, or perhaps it’s the same old rebel against the system and beat it theme. If it’s the latter, I’m not to keen to it since it’s been done over and over again. On the other hand, if it’s the former, I might have apprehensions since I get quite attached to characters. Ugh. This is a serious dilemma.

3) Gin no Saji

Gin no Saji looks interesting since it was written by the author of Full Metal Alchemist. I’m a big fan of FMA, and I like how it handled great character development and the emotional characteristics for each characters. So having a writer with a good track record is a relief. However, it could be the opposite too. There are a lot of authors out there, who, once they have done a great and amazing piece, isn’t able to follow up. There are a lot of that in the literary world, same thing happening to J.K. Rowling, who despite releasing a new book, still has Harry Potter dictating her fame. Same can be said by Stephanie Meyer, who apparently has a new book, but Twilight still hangs over her. A follow-up can ruin things up since we’ve built quite high expectations because of their previous works.

Now, I’m not dismissing Gin no Saji, but I’m expecting a good amount of great characterization and a meaningful plot from it. From the looks of the premise, it seems that it might have that kind of depth. The story is basically about this city-boy who wanted to be free from his family, so he enrolled in an agricultural school to experience the liberated life. Unfortunately, the agricultural life is not all that easy and he soon discovers the difficulties of it. There is a great deal of potential for growth here, but it’s also something that is quite familiar. We often see the urban person to rural setting story, and how it eventually changes them for the better. So, it’s not the most novel of idea. Also, I’m watching Moyashimon, which has somewhat the same setup, except it’s more comedic (with amazing trivia tid-bits about microbes) and less slice-of-life drama, so this might hamper my interest.

Other tentative show that I may or may not watch:

*Genshiken Nidaime – haven’t watched the first season, but if I get to secure one, I might watch this

*Inu to Hasami wa Tsukaiyo – it’s about a guy who was resurrected as a dog. The description for it in the site is a nonsensical comedy mystery, so I don’t know about that.

*Kimi no Iru Machi – pointless cheesy romantic drama, but there was a time I actually liked this series. I might give it shot depending if I drop any shows.


6 thoughts on “Overview of the Summer 2013 Anime Roster

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  2. I’m going to watch Monogatari series and Gatchaman. I’m also going to watch Free! just to see the hype.

    • I watched Free!, too. KyoAni had good visuals for it, but it was too much fanservice. I know this is meant as a sort of fujoshi bait, but I generally dislike excessive fanservice. Wish they tone it down a little or add actual plot to make the show more bearable.

  3. There’s not a whole lot I’m really looking forward to this season other than the ones I mentioned but some others include Uchoten Kazoku (which I can’t belive I forgot to mention before, with it being my most hyped anime of the season…), KamiNomi III, Senyu 2, and probably Blood Lad.
    So far I’ve watched the first episode Inu to Hasami (out of morbid curiosity, didn’t enjoy it that much) and Free! (which I enjoyed, even as a straight male. It was funny, but not the most thoughtful first episode around…). IMO summer looks like an alright season this year~

  4. Much like you the Monogatari Series second season is a MUST watch for me. I love that series~ but Gatchaman Crowds and Dangan Ronpa are also on my must watch list. DR seems like it could be crazy fun and Gatchaman just looks really interesting AND the core staff members were involved with the Tsuritama anime (which is my main reason for taking interest in it).
    You’ve got a pretty good list here

    • I’m having trust issues with Dangan Ropa because it’s the same director for Devil Survivor 2, and DS2 wasn’t really that good imo. I might be watching Gatchaman since the character designs are quite nice, I’ll probably give it the 3 episode rule, or probably continue with it if I drop DR or Gin no Saji.

      How about you? What’s your list for next season? 😀

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