Misfits: Part 2

Here’s the next part! I was supposed to sleep, but I suddenly got in the mood to writing this. Mia, the new character, is introduced here. Don’t forget to leave a comment!


I don’t really remember much of what I did back in my grade school days, but if there is one thing that stands out, that would be Mia. A bright lone spot in one of the most boring stretches of my life. She’s six years older than me, had a tendency for being hot-blooded, was somewhat happy-go-lucky, and was someone who just couldn’t stay put.  She also had a habit back then of knocking on doors impatiently and climbing windows when nobody answers.

We were neighbors back in the days, and our parents were really close to each other. Since my mother was always out because of her exhibits and my dad was busy with work, she became my (and sometimes my brother’s if he wasn’t with his friends) unofficial babysitter. Yes, a babysitter, seriously. Though my parents would call it babysitting, it was somewhat more of a master and her pet dog. The moment I started 1st grade, I was under her leash and she dragged me to god knows wherever she fancied, not that I didn’t like it. We had countless of misadventures that somehow gained us some kind of reputation in our neighborhood  She was like a hero from her own brand of RPG and I got to be her sidekick.

Now here she is, wearing formal clothes complete with her long sleeves, bolero, and skirt, her shoulder length hair parted to the right dyed slightly brown, and she’s even wearing make-up now.

“Wow! You’ve seriously grown. You’re even taller than me now!” Mia said. Well, you’ve grown too! I especially recall you being a little flat but now it have seriously grown, though I don’t mind it either way really.

We both sat in the sofa and she took a sip of the coffee I brought and gave a cute “Ah! It’s hot”. Her way of speaking didn’t really change that much. It still had this cheerful tone and always seemed so lively.

“Err…So, what brings you here…Mia,” I don’t really know what to say, heck talking to her is making me nervous. We haven’t seen each other for seven years and now she comes back here looking seriously hot. She looks so mature now, and the way she blows the hot coffee with her lips pouted—why does she have to visit it me now, of all things?!

Wait, Mia, why are you taking off your bolero?! And why are you unbuttoning your shirt? Seriously, don’t do that! Junior would start getting rowdy and might pop up all over the place! Okay, okay, I just have to calm down and think that this is the same Mia from seven years ago. Steady breathing. I must suppress Junior, don’t look at her legs, don’t look at her legs. Good. I’m feeling a lot better now.

“Anyway, how are you, Keith? When did you guys move?”

“I’m okay, I guess…” aside from not going to school for three months, life is going quite smoothly and I’m feeling less jumpy now, “uhm, as for the moving, it was before high school.”

“Really, I wonder what happened to our old place, huh? We should like seriously visit it! It’s just what, 20 minutes away, right?”

“Eh? Well, I can’t…” I do wonder what happened to our old house. It’s still technically near, but because dad is overseas, and mom is also busy at her gallery that we haven’t had the chance to actually check it out. But more than that, I don’t like to go outside! Mia, you might not have noticed it, but a 16-year old guy is staying inside his house when there are classes and he doesn’t even look sick or injured! I’m a shut-in now!

“Well, then let’s visit your school instead!” She stood up and said that with a very cheerful voice. She looked at me with her childish smile, it’s too irresistible!


“Whaaat? Why nooooot? Come on, I’ll treat you for lunch!”

“But, I just ate.”

She started doing her trademark puppy-eyes while saying “Puh-leeease” in a soft cute voice. Whenever there is something she couldn’t get by force she always had to resort to this thing. Meanwhile, Junior is seriously saying to give up everything and submit to her will, calm down, dammit! Be strong young padawan! You must not submit to the dark side!

“But, I can’t,” I tried to avoid her dangerous gaze.

“You can’t? Or you won’t?”

I didn’t say a thing. I’m really happy that we got to meet again, but things are progressing too fast, Mia. Shouldn’t we have some dramatic reunion scene or something? We should be reminiscing about the good ol’ days. You know, there are also rules when you meet someone again that you haven’t seen for a long while!

“A-Anyway, why are you here? Err, I mean how did you find our house?”

“Oh, that. I’m a guidance counsellor at your school! Isn’t that cool?” She said proudly. A guidance counsellor, huh, my past self wouldn’t even imagine—what? My school?

“By school, you mean the school I’ve been attending?” More accurately, the school I haven’t been attending recently.


“St. Elise Academy?”

“Yup! St. Elise!”

That school?”

“Uhuh, that school!”

What. Not only is she a guidance counselor  but she is a guidance counselor at my school? What sort of ridiculous setup is this? Wait, no, this is a conspiracy. The school have been trying to convince me to go to school, and they probably knew that Mia was an old friend of mine so they’re sending her to do their bidding! This was supposed to be our wonderful reunion but it’s all a conspiracy and Mia is a part of it! Noooooo! My innocent little heart is starting to break.

I let out a sigh. I guess there is no use hiding it.

“Mia…I’m a shut-in,” I said with a feeble voice. It’s really embarrassing. I didn’t want to present myself to her like this.

“I was aware of that,” she said straight to the point.

“Yeah…” This is just so depressing. I guess she thinks lowly of me right now.

“Did the school tell you?” I asked her.

“No, and that’s what I’m reaaaally mad about! Despite being a guidance counselor  they didn’t tell me that a student hasn’t been attending school. Well, maybe because I was still new, and I’m more or less doing the desk job part, but that’s not the point! You know, I accidentally found out when I was browsing through some of the student cases last Friday, and I saw your name! I seriously got excited because you are my childhood friend, and I wanted to see you immediately!

So I talked with the head counselor about what happened and your circumstances, but before I knew it, it was already late, and I was kinda busy too. It’s like they were keeping you a secret from me or something, so annoying! Geez, don’t they know I haven’t seen you for a long time? So, over the weekend I tried to finish all the things that I needed. But, I kinda underestimated my workload so I only actually finished this morning.”

Wow, was she really that eager to see me? We were friends back then, but ever since her family moved after 3rd grade, they weren’t able to visit us again. I thought she might have eventually moved pass and forgotten about it.  She didn’t need some dramatic reunion scene, or a lengthy reminiscing, for her, it seemed nothing has changed.

I let out a huge sigh. Seriously, this woman.

“I really came here to meet you, Keith. Convincing you to go back to school is only a bonus.”

“I don’t want to go to school.” Because I’m a shut-in. The safety of my room is all I’ll ever need.

“Why?” Didn’t I just tell you I have become a shut-in?

“I’m anti-social.”

“I’ll be there for you, I promise, so let’s go,”

“I don’t have any friends.”

“Don’t worry, I’m your friend!”

“I can’t make any friends.”

“Don’t worry, I can be your one and only bestest friend.”

“Besides, people would make fun of me if they see a shut-in going back to school!”

“Don’t worry, I’ll kick their butts!”

“I don’t like people!”

“Don’t worry, the only person you’ll ever need to like in school is me!”

“W-What? T-That doesn’t even make a-any sense! What do you mean, l-liking y-you…?” What’s with her saying embarrassing things like that? My heart is seriously beating so wild now, I can’t speak properly. Don’t confuse me with those words, dammit! Besides, I don’t need school, if studying is her concern, I can manage on my own. I can just read the books, heck, I have been reading the handouts. If PE is a concern, I’m doing some stretching! If you’re worried about my grades, well, I believe it shouldn’t be the standard of measuring how smart a person is.

“Look, the head counsellor showed me your grades the last two years, and you’ve been performing quite well with your studies. I know you are quite smart and you probably think school is useless. I also think it’s kinda useless too!”

What. So you think it’s useless too.

“You probably hate why society has to use school as a standard for your intelligence or success considering there are a lot of dumb people that go to school too. So why not prove them wrong? Prove to them that a shut-in like you, with no interest in classes and has no friends can beat them at their own game! Show them that despite not going to school for three-months you can still knock the living daylights out of them! Show them what a shut-in can really do!”

“That doesn’t even make any sense…also, that was some really hurtful things you just said!”

“Ah, was that too much? Haha. Well, you’re the one who said you were a shut-in, anyway.”

“Well, yeah…I guess.”

“Come on, Keith, trust me on this. Think of this like an adventure. Besides, I want to spend more time with you and cooping yourself here wouldn’t really allow that.” My memories began to flash when Mia said that.  An adventure, huh. Back then, that’s what she always said. Even if I had locked the doors in our house and hid, she would forcibly open our windows and relentlessly find me so that she could get me to play with her outside. Despite causing trouble or doing absolutely crazy stuff, whenever Mia dragged me to her crazy little adventures, I always had fun in the end. Wasn’t it really getting boring in the house?

Sigh. So once again the hero, Mia, with all her dashing glory, swooped in to the tower to save the damsel in distress.


“Yes!” She smiled and immediately went over me and patted my head. Why does she have to do such embarrassing things, dammit. Hang in there, Junior!

“Oh, why not go to school right now? You could still catch up with the afternoon classes.”

“But it’s already 12:15! I haven’t even taken a bath yet.” Also, afternoon classes start at 12:30!

“Don’t worry, you smell nice! Come on, come on!”

“What, no! I can’t!” I haven’t even prepared myself to go outside, more than that, I would go outside without taking a bath? What kind of evil person are you?

“If you worry about your smell, I have some air freshener in the car, I’ll give you a full-body spray, if you like.”

“So I really do smell…wait, you have a car?!”

“Yes, so don’t worry about the small details~”

“Just let me brush my teeth, okay?”

“I have some mouthwash in the car too! So let’s go!” Is her car some sort of mobile bathroom?! Really, this woman. I guess there is no helping it. I’ll tag along to this adventure.

So this is the day, after five months of being a shut-in, that I get dragged out of my house to see the outside the world. I hope the aliens haven’t destroyed half the world while I was gone.


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