Obligatory Introduction Post!

Okay, so this post is a quick rundown on the stuff that I plan to do with this blog. The last blog I had was 3 years ago, I think, and I got bored managing it (read: forgot the username, password, and the site address itself). For realz. Anyway, what’s supposed to be in this one? Well for one, what I plan to do is dump some of the writing stuff that I’m trying to do. Some are just sitting in folders that are nested deep in more folders that people might get suspicious if they start tinkering with my files (I swear there is nothing inside the readme folder that is inside the bin folder of the microsoft office installer folder). Two, I might write about some stuff like reviews on the shows I watch or the books I read, or my opinions on certain subjects. Three, I’ll probably be sharing some random things here that I might have seen in the net or things I might have heard/misheard in real life. That’s probably the gist of it!


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